Turkey Burgers with Jordan’s Cranberry Jam!

How about turkey burgers with cranberry jam?



Makes 4 good sized patties

Takes 10 min of prep and 10 min of cooking

Things you’ll need – A mixing bowl, your hands (or spoon if you don’t like touching  ground meat), food processor, or knife, cast iron frying pan/skillet (any other one will do but cast iron is the best). A jar or Jordan’s Cranberry Jam

Burger Patty:

1/2 lb of ground turkey thigh

1 egg

1/4 to 1/2 cup of oats

1/2 medium onion

1 clove garlic

1 tsp basil (optional)

1 tsp dried mustard (optional)

A pinch of pepper

A pinch of salt

The fixings:

4 of your favorite burger buns (I like sourdough or wholewheat)

1 tbsp or more of Jordan’s Jam Cranberry Jam

Cheese (cheddar or goat cheese are my favorites)

1 piece of leafy lettuce

A couple of avocado slices

A couple of tomato slices

1 tbsp of mayonnaise


Throw your ground turkey meat in a bowl.

Food process/chop onions and garlic together (food processing, or  whazzing as call it) the onion and garlic get them all pulpy which makes it easier to integrate with the meat mixture.

Add onion and garlic mixture, seasonings (dried mustard, salt, pepper and basil), egg, and the oats to the meat and mix thoroughly.

Divide into four equal parts and form each into a ball which you then flatten into a patty shape (about an inch or less thick). Place on a plate with wax paper. Refrigerate until ready to use.

Heat your skillet pan on medium high with with a splash of oil (1–2 tbsp of good cooking oil; I use grapeseed oil). When it’s good and hot place your patty in the skillet until cook for five minutes. Flip when it’s brown and caramelized on the bottom and you can see the patty is starting to look cooked on the side. Cook for five minutes until done. Turn off heat. Place cheese on top of the cooked patty. Cover with a lid or a bowl while you add your condiments to the bun.

Slice bun. Add mayonnaise to both sides. Liberally spread Jordan’s Jam Cranberry Jam to one of the bun halves and avocado, tomato and lettuce to the other. Slide burger on top of the avocado side. Assemble burger. Eat burger. Enjoy!







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