Market Season = Jam Season

Hello market and jam lovers! It’ s been a long and cold winter for us Lower Mainlander’s. It seemed like the snow and cold would never leave and then it did but only to be followed by the constant rain…

Now that all that weather is over with we can hopefully look to warmer and sunnier days for another year of great local BC fruit. Yum!!!Actually, we’ve been working on building the jam stocks since January when kiwis become ripe for the picking. This year we went back to one of our favourite farmers and growers of all good things, Petkov Farms. You may have seen Georgie at the Nat Baily Winter Markets. If you missed him, there’s always next year but we’ve made my seasonal run of kiwi jam to tide you over.

Right now is the beginning of rhubarb season, which happens to be one of my (and your favourite) jams—we sold more rhubarb than any other jam last year. This year we have some great produce to work with from some local smaller scale farmers. We like smaller scale growers to keep the quality and love quotient high. The reality is that the love starts with the passion farmers have for growing food. There’s something very special about the process. It’s self-satisfying and humbling to know you can startsomething out of basically nothing and watch it grow into something that can sustain you physically and mentally. Rhubarb jam helps make the world a whole lot better every time we eat it.

We look forward to seeing you at the markets this summer!


Toast’s Best Friend