Simple and straightforward jam made of locally sourced BC fruit, sugar, and lemon juice, and most important, love. Because jam is toast’s best friend.

To inquire about purchasing jam: jordan@jordansjam.com






Origin Story
My wife (Gerilee McBride) and I have been canning fruit for a few years now in an attempt to preserve some of the beautiful, but awfully short, Vancouver summer in preparation for the long, dreary, rain-soaked winter months. After a period of experimentation we found a jam recipe we liked—a simple and straightforward method that preserves the taste of the fruit while still retaining it’s jammy goodness.

Last summer we were canning peaches, as usual, in early August with some amazing fruit our friend brought down from the Okanagan (BC’s orchard region). The problem began when my friend left town and left us with a remaining 20lbs of peaches and 10lbs of plums. The peaches turned out to be difficult to blanch and peal (and therefore time-consuming to process) and they were getting more ripe by the day. I ended up going on jam bender, making numerous jars of peach and plum jam within a week.

Soon afterward a friend dropped by for a visit and I made some toast and jam to go with our tea. She quite liked the jam and I sent her home with a couple of jars. Not long after our visit I received a text complimenting my jam and asking if she could buy some jars. I said okay and went about making the rest of the jam to fill her order—ten jars worth. It never occurred to me to start a business until my friend suggested it, she is also the brilliant marketing mind behind the name—Jordan’s Jam.

I love this for a number of reasons:

  1. My name is Jordan
  2. I make delicious jam
  3. I love toast and jam and eat it for breakfast quite often (most often with peanut butter)
  4. I love to cook and develop recipes
  5. I’ve also been playing music and jamming in various bands for 20 years http://www.thestarlightpines.com

My wife really liked the idea and luckily for me she is a talented designer who worked in the book publishing industry as a book designer for over three years as well as graduating from Emily Carr with a concentration in painting. She created an illustration from a photo she took of me and turned it into a cool jar label, complete with hand-painted fruit.











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